You are important!

 Seeing people within 1 week. 

Dr. Shalini Varma, M.D. is a Board Certified Psychiatrist (ABPN & NBPAS) will work hard to ensure that your care is highly personalized, confidential, and thorough. There is no wasted wait time. Direct patient care is an important aspect of the practice.  

In psychiatry, the doctor patient relationship is very important. There is no lab test or imaging study to make or confirm the diagnosis. Psychological symptoms can also overlap among several different conditions, including medical conditions. Dr Varma looks at medical and psychiatric causes of illness.

Treatments can vary as well, and Dr Varma will work with you to try to get to optimal treatment.

Open Life Health - Psychiatry 

Open Life Health

Finding a balance and maintaining it is crucial to personal health. Open Life Health Psychiatry is here to help you throughout all stages of your life. Open Life Health is equipped to help you in all aspects from life coaching to intensive psychotherapy. Let us help you along your path in life.



Close Collaboration with other providers

Review of all records from primary, specialists, and therapists

Labs orders and interpretation

Individualized care

Evenings and weekends hours

No phone trees

Easy to change appointments

Direct contact available for any medication issues

Personal and Real time care

Treatment with Dr. Varma includes: