You are important.

Practice Philosophy

Your mental health is your most important asset.
Do not put this much needed treatment off!

I try to help everyone reach their potential! It is important to get a thorough and timely evaluation.

I provide highly personalized and confidential care;

  • No wasted wait time
  • Direct patient care

Your information is private and not available on a networked computer system, I am the only one who knows your entire treatment.

My offices have one person waiting at a time and are located in a private area where people do not know you are visiting a psychiatrist. I also have evening and weekend appointments and 2 locations to decrease disruptions in your life.

We work together as a team for your optimal treatment.

I am the most highly trained specialist you can obtain that is focused on you reaching your potential through a combination of medications and therapy. My background includes 12 years of post-high school education including medical school, residency training, board certification, maintenance of certification and state licensure, continuing medical education, etc. This is a very personal type of practice, different from other practices. I am licensed in both Illinois and Wisconsin.

I can order diagnostic laboratory tests, prescribe medications, provide psychotherapy, evaluate and treat psychological and interpersonal problems, and give continuing care. I aid with nutrition, diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. I am prepared to intervene in many contexts.

The areas I can help in include ADD/HD, Mood and depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, conflict resolution, weight management, self esteem, concentration difficulties, work stress, anger management, family stress, parenting, school and work success. Medications and therapy are very helpful in these cases.

I work with CEO’s of companies, employees, primary caregivers, families, and students. I can help patients reach their potential!

That sounds great! How do you do this?

By spending time with you and getting to know you. I see people's individuality, and see the multi-dimensional origins of distress. My first goal is to make you feel comfortable and for you to be able to share information in a highly confidential environment. At the first evaluation we will go over your presenting problems, your medical and psychological history, and your family history. You will fill out questionnaires to help pinpoint the symptoms more precisely. At every appointment, there will be a few more questionnaires to help objectively test your symptoms. Every interaction helps me understand more of how you think and what will help you reach your fullest potential.

We will discuss your treatment goals together, and come up with plans to help you reach these. With medications and therapy we will see how you are doing and if changes need to be made. Any problems that arise during your treatment or in between treatments we will work on, and you are able to contact me at anytime. Your goals may change during therapy as well: once again we will work together. You are not "talked down to". All of your thoughts and concerns are valid and we will work on making the best YOU possible.

I want to help treat YOU, not just your symptoms. We will work on getting to the core problems and help you with medications and coping skills for long term gains. You are involved in all your treatment decisions and my goal is to make you feel as safe and comfortable as you can in my office. You are my number one priority. This is highly personalized care. Individual results vary as every person is different.

We work on this together: we are a team.

How am I compensated for this care?

I accept Health Savings Account, Flexible Spending Account, credit cards, and cash.

For the highest quality of care and confidentiality, I accept fee for service payment only. You have complete control over your information. I use paper charts for the highest level of confidentiality. I treat many professionals who may not wish to have their private psychiatric health information available to anyone other than myself.

I am out of network with insurance. If you are interested in using your insurance, I recommend that you call your insurance company and ask how you can obtain reimbursement for treatment services. Often, insurance will pay for some component(s) of psychiatric services on an “out of network” basis. I can provide you with invoices that you can submit. However, you are responsible for all fees, and reimbursement, if any, will be handled between you and your insurance company. Insurance may or may not pay depending on your coverage.

Our Ideal Patient:

Our patients typically share many of the following characteristics. If most of them fit you as well, you are likely someone we can help to regain lost health or to enhance current and future well-being. Do you:

Is this you?

Before your first visit please complete all forms. You can print them and fill them out in advance of our meeting or arrive 15 minutes early to do so at my office.

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Dr. Shalini Varma, MD
P: 224.612.2348


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Individual results vary as every person is different.

Conditions Treated

  • Psychiatry
  • Medication Management
  • ADD/HD
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Executive Functioning
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Anger Management
  • Family Conflict
  • Parenting
  • My Philosophy

    Counseling and medication may help.

    I see people's individuality and the multi-dimensional origins of distress. Life doesn't have to be riddled with anxiety, mood swings, difficult interpersonal conflict, etc. I provide highly personalized care using a variety of methods, depending on your unique situation. Developing positive healthy attributes including nutrition, diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes can dramatically affect your well-being. My approach may include; laboratory tests, medications, psychotherapy, or psychological treatment, depending on your particular situation. We work together as a team for your optimal treatment.